Color is very important in interior design. By use the colors you can visually increase or decrease your living space, make the atmosphere calm and bright or extraordinary. Spectacular interior design can be created by using different combinations of colors schemes.

2Monochromatic scheme uses in different meanings (hue, saturation), you can choose only one color with the possible addition of white, black and gray. This  combination can be very effective.1 3In analogous color schemes you can use 2-3 colors, which are similar with each other. These colors are harmonious and usually more interesting than the monochromatic scheme.4 5 6Color schemes are not obliged to follow them strictly. You can choose colors that are not really part of these schemes, but work well together. In this photo, green and purple create a bright balanced combination.24If you have doubts in the selection of colors, take inspiration from nature. For example, lime green and orange are part of the citrus family and the colors will combine well. 7Violet is the fruit of grapes and green leaves are looking good together, and in the interiors will be nice as well.13 15Don’t afraid to mix the color, but follow our schemes:)

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