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The Most Iconic Lighting Pieces You’ll See at ICFF NY 2017

May is the perfect month to pay a visit to New York! Not only spring is here, but from May 21th-24th one of the best high-end luxury furniture fairs in the United States is taking place once again in New York City. ICFF, also know as ICFF NY 2017, features more than 750 exhibitors with brands from all over the globe to showcase their pieces and designs, expecting more than 35,000 professionals.

The display goes from seating to outdoors furniture, counting with flooring, textiles, and lighting, as well. If lighting decor is one of your interests, DecoNY leaves you with five brands with modern lamps that you need to see in this interior design event.

The Most Iconic Lighting Pieces You'll See at ICFF NY 2017
NIKU wall light is a rarity in contemporary lighting. This wall lamp will fulfill your modern home decor with exoticism, creating a live and bright ambiance.

One of the brands that will be present at the ICFF NY 2017 this year once again is BRABBU. It’s a design company, that mirrors an intense way of living, connecting nature and urban inspiration in every piece. Up in the picture, we can see the NIKU|Wall Light. This piece was inspired by the Kiribati Islands group, having an exotic vibe to it.

The Most Iconic Lighting Pieces You'll See at ICFF 2017

The Most Iconic Lighting Pieces You'll See at ICFF NY 2017
Etta is a luxurious and modern chandelier that provides a soft and warm light through its layers, giving a romantic ambiance to any setting. Bogard’s polished brass base adds a classy touch to any kind of living room. Stone side table is a timeless piece for any given setting. Cut in a classic shaped pattern, yet with a modern design twist, it establishes itself as a quintessential piece in the Soho collection.

ETTA Chandelier is a suspension lighting piece from DELIGHTFULL. It’s a brand that likes to combine the past Heritage of handwork with the attention to emerging needs of the future. This particular piece was inspired by the jazz singer Etta Jones, as it gives a nostalgic and romantic glow.


The Most Iconic Lighting Pieces You'll See at ICFF NY 2017
it’s impossible not to enter this kitchen without noticing immediately the two amazing chandeliers: Newton Chandelier and Newton Eliptic Suspension Lamp, both by Boca do Lobo. Together with the Mid-century modern Collins Bar Chairs, the ambiance wins a wonderful shine.

At the trade show, you can also find other modern pieces like NEWTON Suspension and NEWTON Eliptic from BOCA DO LOBO. They believe in composing pieces that stir emotion in their admirers, as you can see.

The Most Iconic Lighting Pieces You'll See at ICFF NY 2017
Created with crystal glass and brass, finished with gold plated, this magnificent Empire Snooker suspension is capable of giving a luxurious and glamorous look to any space.

LUXXU is a brand where Quality and Innovation are what makes this brand a reference to Luxury Lighting Design. EMPIRE SNOOKER is one of the many pieces they create. Luxurious and modern, it is referred to as a jewel as it’s made from crystal glass and brass, finished with gold plated.

The Most Iconic Lighting Pieces You'll See at ICFF 2017

The Most Iconic Lighting Pieces You'll See at ICFF NY 2017
In a perfect combination of luxury, the Intuition dining table and the Chandra dining chairs receive light from the superb Eternity chandelier, a true design that entails an exhilarating practice in the application of crystals which are wrapped individually in brass.

KOKET is a luxury furniture brand with feminine, mysterious and elegant vibes, making it look glamorous. The presented piece is ETERNITY III | CHANDELIER, where the application of the crystal is what makes these elements speak volumes of the skillfulness with it’s handled.

The most particular aspect that all these five brands share is that together, with other three brands, they form COVET House. This last one is going to attend the ICFF NY 2017, so make sure to check it out. DecoNY surely will.

The Most Iconic Lighting Pieces You'll See at ICFF NY 2017


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