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2016 is almost halfway through, but it is never too late to remind you of some of the best living room trends for 2016.

Different colors and different materials will ensure that any living room is the perfect space to receive guests, thanks to the room decoration. So, check out what are the trends and start right now planning your living room for 2016!


Fill your Living Room with Goldliving room trends for 2016Project with  Vamp Sofa by Koket and Eden table by Boca do Lobo.

Gold is a worldwide synonym of luxury and richness. And, for 2016, it will be present in every room design to get a more curated and elegant room decoration. We know that  the use of this type of metallic material is very simple and, while is something new for you, you can use it in small details on your living room. A gold chandelier, a gold center table or side table or just a gold detail on a table lamp can give a completely new style to your living room and create a luxury ambiance.

living room trends for 2016Project with Eden table by Boca do Lobo and Maree  sofa by Brabbu

living room trends for 2016Bring Spring to Living Room with Floral Patterns

living room trends for 2016Patterns are something very inconstant when become to talk about trends. Every year new patterns become trendy and other go out of style. In 2016 use and abuse on flowers! You can fill you entire living room with different floral patterns because this will be one of the trendiest patterns for home interiors! We selected some living room ideas that show how this trendy pattern can be used on room decoration. There are many ways to apply it: on wallpaper, on a sofa, cushions, rugs or even in furniture pieces!

Dramatic Living Rooms

living room trends for 2016Project with a Collete Sofa, Chloe Sconce and Tresor Stool by Koket.

living room trends for 20162016 Trends for Living Room – Dramatic Living Rooms

living room trends for 2016Project with Maree sofa, Kaamos Mirror and Panji wall light by Brabbu.

2016 brings the opportunity to give a new dramatic look to living room. How? Especially with colors. Strong and bold colors will appear in the most curated room design and on the best projects from the top home decorators! Room Decor Ideas shows you how to get this dramatic room decoration at living room with style and always keeping the elegance. Black, strong grey and other strong and dark colors will be the protagonists for the most dramatic living rooms in 2016.

Living Rooms in Pink and Blue

living room trends for 2016

living room trends for 2016living room trends for 2016

living room trends for 2016living room trends for 2016Project with Sequoia table by BrabbuMaya sofa by Brabbu  and Cypres Floor Lamp also by Brabbu.

And, of course, there are colors that will have all the spotligh during 2016. All shadows of pink and blue will fill the living rooms. It could be on small details, on wall painting or in furniture pieces, but what you can not miss in a trendy living room for 2016 is a touch of blue or pink.

2016 Trends for Living Room – Luxury Textures on Living Room

living room trends for 2016living room trends for 2016Project with Mistress and Nymph by Koket.

living room trends for 2016And, at last, the textures. Luxury upholstery pieces and soft goods will be one of the details to which you have to pay attention during this year. Rugs, cushions and throws will be one of the elements that will bring a new style to the decoration of the living room. Fur, satins and velvets are just some of the fabrics that can improve the style of a living room. Invest in details with the most curated and exquisite fabrics and combine the different textures to get a stylish living room. A cowhide rug, a fur throw with a velvet sofa are the perfect combination for a 2016 Living Room!





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