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The Best of Arthur Casas Design: High-Residential Projects

From the object to the landscape, inside out, the creative process of Studio Arthur Casas is intimately connected to a horizontal scale, where the main concern is the dialogue in the conception of programs that can be as diverse as a chair or an entire neighborhood, influenced by a spirit both modernist and contemporary that is Brazilian but also cosmopolitan. Take a look at The Best of Arthur Casas Design: High-Residential Projects on the Radar!

Urca Residence

arthur casas design Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this luxurious single family home project was guided by two complementary ideas: to create routes of discovery of the landscape of both Bahia and Pão de Açúcar and to bring the maximum of natural light to the triplex. The continuation that exists between the bathroom and the master bedroom is exquisite. With earthy and pastel tones this luxury interior design is definitely one of the best works of Arthur Casas Design.

Casa C Brazil

C House is located in the central part of São Paulo, in one of the rare neighborhoods where it is forbidden to build high rises. Besides that, this is another amazing luxury interior design by Arthur Casas Design that combines beautifully all the wooden furniture with the plants outside. Modern and refined this is living room is portrayed.

Baleia Beach

Four houses in front of Baleia Beach, on the northern coast of São Paulo. The wide open space is intended to stimulate natural ventilation to avoid the use of air conditioning during summer. All the materials bring a warm sensation to the space, as the brick of the façades, natural fibers of the carpets or the wood center table that contrast with the pastel sofa.

AL Rio de Janeiro

Arthur Casas Design project is intended to excel by elegance, simplicity and conceptual lightness, that was carried out with a saving of materials that precisely reinforces the beauty of its layout.  Without forgetting those of poetic elevation: the luminosity, the breeze, the ocean. This modern island portray such a luxury interior design, with clean lines, that makes a good contrast between the whites/wood.

This room design combines the best that the Nature has with the most exclusive interior design. The natural light provides a great ambiance and also a great place to relax.


With cosmopolitan meet the future vibe, this living room is the perfect luxurious interior design for a city house. Taking advantage of the windows, to provide natural lighting, the dark greens contrast with the light browns and pastels. Which are an unlikely combination of colors that totally work! So take some design ideas for your interior design styles.


DS House São Paulo

This Arthur Casas Design project is a large renovation of a house designed in the eighties by Italian-Brazilian architect Ugo di Pace.In the living room, the cylindrical column holds a hearth whereas the dark Brazilian teak staircase was kept from the original project, contrasting with the light tones of the interior design styles.

House in Iporanga

Located in Iporanga, state of São Paulo, this symmetrical house consists of an open living room flanked by cubes housing private rooms. Particular emphasis was placed upon the abolition between the interior and the exterior.

Casa K São Paulo

This house was designed for a young couple with children in São Paulo. Arthur Casas Design dealt with the interiors and as well designed some of the furniture, adapting objects from the 50’s inherited by the client. Casa K has a discrete urban insertion, but it contains large spaces, always having in mind the serenity demanded by the clients.

Arthur’s New York Apartment

arthur casas designIn this, of 105 m², Arthur Casas took inspiration from the American design of the 1940s and 1950s to compose the ambiance. Nothing here was done overnight. Accompanied by Arthur Casas Design team, he decorated the space. The luxury interior design exalts the modern furniture pieces all in the same pastel color palette.




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