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Blainey North | Top Interior Designer

It’s really no surprise that interior designer Blainey North’s furniture designs are as glamorous as she is and as luxurious as the five-star interiors she is famous for.

Today, DecoNY takes you trough the history and some of the most iconic projects from one of the greatest interior design names.

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Blainey North | TOP Designer

Established in 2001, Blainey North & Associates is a studio specialising in the interior architecture and design of luxury environments for five-star hotels, exclusive residences and bespoke commercial and retail projects in Australia and abroad. Blainey North Collection was established as an extra arm to the business, specialising in custom designed furniture and specialty lighting.

Blainey North | TOP Interior DesignerBlainey North | TOP DesignerBlainey North | TOP Interior Designer

“It has always made sense to me that interior designers should design their own pieces” says the designer.

An ‘atelier for interiors’, Blainey is passionate about connecting ideas from the different design disciplines of fashion, film and the visual arts to create a unique language and ageless aesthetic.

Blainey North | TOP DesignerBlainey North | TOP Interior DesignerBlainey North | TOP Designer

She’s had no shortage of recognition, published in the Andrew Martin International Interior Design Review and featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s Hottest 100, as one of the top five design practices to watch. She has also been sponsored by the British Consulate to expand into London.

Hope that you got inspired by this amazing interiors professional, and got some ideias for your own projects to come.

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See you there;)

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