Top 10 dining room trends for 2016

Today we are going to share with our dear readers the TOP 10 dining room trends for 2016. After a year as stylish as 2015, and such an interesting beginning for 2016, it’s hard to imagine what is going to come next. But 2016 is really surprising everyone with incredible trends for your home decoration!

In this article you will find 10 dining room trends for 2016, to help you with your dining space decoration . We hope this suggestions give you inspiration to create a incredible dining room design.



dining room trends for 2016- Black and White InspirationsThe black and white work well together with an enhancing partner in this dining room, the silver color. In 2016 you will have the best modern looks for your home decoration!

dining room trends for 2016- Project by KoketThis one is a project by Koket with the beautiful Nymph chandelier and a luxury dining table.

dining room trends for 2016-Nude color pallete

2016 still brings us this wide dining room with great color combination, that’s one of the most important details of any space at your home.

dining room trends for 2016-Relaxing Dinig room

Relaxing dining room furniture with beautiful paint colors ideas. We still have a natural expanding dining table and a white wood chair padded seat design.

dining room trends for 2016-Beutiful dinin room with a silver modern touchA modern dining room very well decorated with a beautiful mirror and cabinet combining with a silver toned defocused mirror giving this space the modern touch that makes it special.

dining room trends for 2016-Fresh dining room decoration We have a fresh dining room decoration in this picture with an incredible view giving a spring feeling to this modern dining room.

dining room trends for 2016- Orange inspirationsNot an usual color for a home decoration but, in our opinion, this orange color looks incredibly amazing in this dining room

dining room trends for 2016- Dening room with serenety vibesThe inspirational blue, similar to one of the trend colors of this year of 2016, the serenity blue, is one of the best colors to use as your interior design decoration to your luxury home.

dining room trends for 2016- Emirates Hills villaThis is a beautiful project that features one of the most iconic BRABBU pieces, the KOI Dining table. With gorgeous brass details and finishes, this piece will give any room, the Light and luxurious feeling that your home deserves.

dining room trends for 2016-Fortuna Dining table by Boca do Lobo

We saved one of the best for last. For number 10, we present the Fortuna Dining Table by Boca do Lobo.

This is a statement piece and a luxurious dining table that needs no presentations. This will turn any room in your house, in the most luxurious, gorgeous and special place on Earth.




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