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December is already halfway through and, if you haven’t taken care of your Christmas Decorations, you should really atart thinking about it! Deco New York loves these days where family and friends get together to celebrate! So, we bring you the best DIY Christmas Decorations for Living Room.

With this ideas you will get the perfect space to receive your guests and spread the magical Christmas spirit with your room decoration!

First of all, this video will show you how to do some incredible DIY Christmas Decorations and can inspire you. Below you can see some others DIY Christmas Decorations, pretty simple and that will make your room really amazing for this holiday!

There are some simple DIY Ideas that you can use to create an incredible Christmas decoration on living room. Small details that will make the living room cozier and more familiar. Use cinnamon sticks and put them around a white simple candle. Simple and Room Decor Ideas knows that it can really change your living room to a more Christmasy spirit style.

2 Room-Decor-Ideas-Room-Ideas-Room-Design-DIY-Ideas-DIY-Decorating-Christmas-Decorating-DIY-Christmas-Decorations-Christmas-Decorating-Ideas-17-e1447079045690

Other great DIY Christmas Decorations that Deco New York loves is this one. With old fabrics from old shirts create a decoration for your living room and write “Merry Christmas” on it. It will make the room decoration of the living room look more festive.

3 Room-Decor-Ideas-Room-Ideas-Room-Design-DIY-Ideas-DIY-Decorating-Christmas-Decorating-DIY-Christmas-Decorations-Christmas-Decorating-Ideas-18-749x398

Deco New York knows that this holiday is all about candles and red. And there are a lot of DIY Christmas Decorations that you can use to improve your living room to a more Christmas spirit. This one is quite simple: you just have to have a candle in a vase on the center of a plate and then, surround the candle this Christmas trees small decorations in red. If the plate is golden, it will create a even more Christmas look.

4 Room-Decor-Ideas-Room-Ideas-Room-Design-DIY-Ideas-DIY-Decorating-Christmas-Decorating-DIY-Christmas-Decorations-Christmas-Decorating-Ideas-19

There are also many DIY Christmas Decorations to create center pieces that you can use on the coffee table of your living room. Like this one that Deco New York show you: with wire create a structure and then decorate it with Christmas tree’s balls.


5 Room-Decor-Ideas-Room-Ideas-Room-Design-DIY-Ideas-DIY-Decorating-Christmas-Decorating-DIY-Christmas-Decorations-Christmas-Decorating-Ideas-21-749x398

In most of countries, Christmas is also time for snow. And Deco New York knows how snow can be an excelent decoration for the living room. And it’s quite simple. You just have to fill some bottles and jars with cotton, add some decorative figures and you’ll be able to create different DIY Christmas Decorations.

6 Room-Decor-Ideas-Room-Ideas-Room-Design-DIY-Ideas-DIY-Decorating-Christmas-Decorating-DIY-Christmas-Decorations-Christmas-Decorating-Ideas-22-749x398

Other idea to create a center piece for living room with DIY projects is to paint some pinecones in several colors – we think that red and gold are the best colors for this year season – and put them in a small open basket. As you can see, there are a lot of simple and creative DIY Christmas Decorations!

7 Room-Decor-Ideas-Room-Ideas-Room-Design-DIY-Ideas-DIY-Decorating-Christmas-Decorating-DIY-Christmas-Decorations-Christmas-Decorating-Ideas-23-749x398

Deco New York brings you another great DIY Home Decor that you can use for your living room! As you can see, candles are really an excellent decorative piece. If you put some red rocks or balls on the botton of a vase and a candle on top you’ll have several DIY Christmas Decorations to decorate your living room.

8 Room-Decor-Ideas-Room-Ideas-Room-Design-DIY-Ideas-DIY-Decorating-Christmas-Decorating-DIY-Christmas-Decorations-Christmas-Decorating-Ideas-25-749x398

We know how every kid loves Christmas characters. And there are some simple DIY Christmas Decorations that you can use to give a more playful room decoration to the living room. All you need is some vases and bottles, fill them with cotton and then add a figure like a snowman or a Christmas tree!

9 Room-Decor-Ideas-Room-Ideas-Room-Design-DIY-Ideas-DIY-Decorating-Christmas-Decorating-DIY-Christmas-Decorations-Christmas-Decorating-Ideas-10


If you are looking for some DIY Christmas Decorations that you can do with stuff you have at home, this one is perfect for you! All you need is vases with foot, Christmas tree’s balls and candles. Place the vase on the inverted position and fill the ball part with Christmas Decorations, then you just have to place a candle on the top!

Other simple DIY Home Decor that you can use on Christmas is so simple as glue styrofoam on a vase and then create a bow with Christmas decorations on the point.


Deco New York shows you some DIY Christmas Decorations for the Living Room that are super easy and will give a coziest and more Christmas look to the room decoration of your living room. With this DIY Christmas Decorations it will be easy to prepare your home to receive family and friends during this holiday!

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know in the comment section! 🙂

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