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Luxury Real Estate Projects by Rock Solid Builders

It’s time to freshen up your living room design for this summer, so sit back and enjoy some Luxury Real Estate projects by Rock Solid Builders, one of the leading home design companies in New Jersey.

Rock Solid Builders main focus isn’t just build houses, but design homes tailored to each family. Therefore they work with Residential, commercial and Mixed use building construction.

“As a boutique development company, our focus has been to deliver value through a combination of rigorous analysis, hands-on management, and innovative design.”

And their success was only possible through Vitali Feldman and his team’s hard work. As a real entrepreneur at heart with successfully launching many business ventures, Vitali in 2006 was nominated and picked as top 25 “America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs age 25 or under” by Bloomberg Business Week and was featured in multiple magazine publications for creating an online service marketplace.

After building hundreds of homes in New Jersey and selling more than $250 Million worth of real estate for nearly a decade, Rock Solid Builders is now branching into the New York real estate market.

Through dedication in planning and design process, they strive to explore more opportunities, creating a full service in every project they put their hands to.

Luxury Real Estate

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Luxury Real Estate

Luxury Real Estate

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