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NYC Interior Designers: Amanda Nisbet

Since it’s beginning in 1998, Amanda Nisbet Design has become one of New York’s most distinctive, sought-after creators of refreshing, abundant elegance.

NYC Interior Designers: Amanda NisbetAmanda defines design, using a fresh approach combined with the traditional sense of richness, this results in an ultimate formula of style and comfort, often compared to Classicism and Modernism, which outcome is reflected in beautiful and stunning solutions.


In every project, Amanda assumes a commitment to understand anf fully dedicate her time to each project at a time. This is the may reason why Amanda Nisbet Design Studio has a small number of projects, because she likes to control her work closely and mantain her level of quality in her Studio.

Amanda Nisbet Design Studio has been featured in several magazines, such as Elle Décor,  New York Spaces,  New York Home, The New York Times, The Washington Post, just like in many blogs of Interior Design. Amanda’s sense of style and personality are well noted in her design spaces. The designed rooms are the perfect result of fun and elegance, showing that elegante spaces don’t have to be cold and colorless. Nisbet makes an effort to understand her clients way of living, to create a space truly reflects their client’s personality. Over the years, it has become clear why Amanda is one of the most influential designers in the world.

Check bellow some of her design spaces.




NYC Interior Designers: Amanda Nisbet

NYC Interior Designers: Amanda Nisbet

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