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Top Decor Ideas: Decorating with a stool or bench

Having enough seating can be a challenge in room design, especially when size is a factor. Think of stools and benches – not only are they fun to incorporate into home design, they are also functional and don’t take up much floor space. The trick of course, is to balance functionality with placement. Luckily, there are plenty of rooms throughout your home to place a bench or a stool and Deco New York has the best tips of how to decorating with a Stool or Bench.

Bedroom & Bathroom

decorating with a stool or a bench 2

decorating with a stool or a bench 3

decorating with a stool or a bench 4

But a bench at the end of your bed for a chic seating solution. You can use this decorative, yet very practical item to bring a new glamour to the room decoration with details like a fur cover on the top of the stool or polished brass base.

Living Room

decorating with a stool or a bench 5

decorating with a stool or a bench 6

The Living room is probably the most typical space you will see a stool or bench. When not in use, stools can be stored under consoles or tables for more space. Try to follow the examples of the best home decorators and use the stool as a statement piece that can bring comfort into this living space.


decorating with a stool or a bench 7

decorating with a stool or a bench 10

Simple one-color kitchens are out of style. A kitchen needs a special element to make its room decoration bolder and more attractive. 2016 is the year of beautiful kitchens with glamorous elements, such as exuberant pendants. Kitchen barstools can really make a statement along with being useful. If you want to get a bold and daring room design at the kitchen, use the stools as statement pieces with strong colors and materials.


decorating with a stool or a bench 8

decorating with a stool or a bench 9

Use a stool or bench in the office for a cozy footrest or extra seating for those unexpected meetings. Since the comfort is essential in an office, upholstery stools are the best choice to make the space cozier and more stylish!

Stools and benches can have different uses in a room decoration. We just gave you some tips and, of course, the best room ideas of how these seating pieces can give a glamorous, stylish and eclectic look to a space while offering comfort!

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