Antony Todd | Top Interior Designer

Today DecoNY brings you one of the most respected names in interior design, Antony Todd

Born in Australia and raised in Melbourn, Antony Todd was exposed to a rich and varied cultural scene. Since childhood he demonstrated an interest in both the performing and fine arts, and his school studies included psychology, music and drawing. he was initially attracted to stage production and design, working as visual arts coordinator for the Spoletto festival and crating an international project attracting 1 million children from six countries to contribute their thoughts for a time capsule that raised money for the Royal Children’s Hospital.



Top Interior Designer | Antony Todd

The ingenious and disarmingly charming Aussie has quietly garnered an impressive following whose ranks include presidents, celebrities, socialites and many international clients, all who value Antony for his open and easy manner as much as for his incomparable style.

Top Interior Designer | Antony ToddTop Interior Designer | Antony Todd

In all his creations, Antony Todd aims for timeless sophistication. Trained as a costume and set designer, his interiors possess an exquisite understanding of scale and spatial flow in which three aesthetic strands are interwoven. His pared down European sensibility puts a fresh spin on residential and hospitality design.

Top Interior Designer | Antony ToddTop Interior Designer | Antony Todd

An affinity for classic forms, whether antique or modern, creates a spontaneous dialogue between furnishings, objects and art from different eras and origins. A passionate traveler, his taste spans cultures and continents, infusing his interiors with global style. Since antique furniture often lacks comfort or functions well in modern terms, Antony Todd also refurbishes and designs his own sofas, chairs, tables and lamps. His designs are characterized by clean lines, excellent craftsmanship and harmonious proportions. The final result is a lasting, beautiful living environment that reflects each client’s individual taste and personal style.

Top Interior Designer | Antony Todd

Hope that you got inspired by this amazing interiors professional, and got some ideias for your own projects to come.

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