ICFF 2017: TOP 10 Design Spots that will Boost Your Inspiration

It just happens that ICFF 2017 is almost there and we’re excited to celebrate design with everyone who’s also enthusiastic.

A great part of the design show is that you always have to have plans for your stay in the city who never sleeps: New York is where you can find Inspirational Interior Design Ideas, stunning gothic architecture co-existing with modern skyscrapers while neo-drive bars neighbour slick art and design galleries. From ICFF you will have the best design projects from the best interior designers, and you will also feel the unique vibe of the new york style and cosmopolitan life! DecoNY is proud to present the Top Design Spots you cannot miss during your stay in NYC and ICFF 2017. Inspire your days till the most wanted trade show from the design lovers!



Carpenters Workshop Gallery

With locations in London, Paris and New York City, Carpenters Workshop Gallery is in sync with the pulse of the design world and its most inspiring creators. From the ethereal resin furniture of Wonmin Park to the dark humour of Maarten Baas, founders Loic Le Gaillard and Julien Lombrail drive the conversation with their impeccable taste. We cheered CWG’s entry into the American, and its 5th Avenue space does not disappoint. 693 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022.

ICFF 2017: TOP 10 Design Spots that will Boost Your Inspiration

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