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modern architecture: SMART LOFT in West Soho, NYC

Archi-Tectonics is an expert in LEED design, which is passionate about the use of smart systems and sustainable materials to create energy efficient, healthy living environments. 

Located on the edge of Soho, NYC, a former six- story warehouse is renovated, with a new 11 story ‘smart loft’ building wrapping up and over it. The introduction of modern architecture creates a nice contrast; its innovative folded glass curtain wall allows an amazing view over the Hudson River. The NYC building code is here re-interpreted; the horizontal plane of the traditional urban fabric is questioned by the insertion of a diagonal surface that bifurcates the facade plane. It integrates the strict building setback codes into the new folded vertical landscape of the glass facade. The code allows the façade to rise straight up to 85ft and then to follow an inclined plane of 2.7:1 as a setback. Here the code was re-coded; the two rules were followed and the mathematical tool of inflection was introduced to provide a system that would “equalize” the façade, and create a ‘glass waterfall’.Schein_Loft_4 Schein_Loft_6 Schein_Loft_5

The apartment located on the 8th floor, on top of the existing warehouse, has windows all around, and at the west façade it has part of the folded curtain wall with roof terrace. The folded character of the façade has been pulled in as an organically fragmented spine. The spine consists of two walls, which generate the private areas around them, thus at once separating and connecting. Its surface is clad with bog wood, an organically transformed oak. Schein_Loft_1 Schein_Loft_2 Schein_Loft_8

Location: West Soho, NYC

Area: 3,200 sf // 297 m2

Design: Archi-Tectonics

Photography: Floto + Warner Studio

Source: Archi-Tectonics

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