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Cenk Fikri: An Unique Hospitality Design in New York


Introducing Cenk Fikri Inc. – a full-service hospitality design and consultancy studio headquartered in New York. This is the type of interior design company that gives a full focus to spaces such as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafés and more. We are about to show you how this amazing company manages to create unique one-of-a-kind experiences fitting the ambiance of each project‘s case.


cenk fikri best hospitality projects

Cenk Fikri is the type of interior designer that provides a variety of services. This includes their Full-Service Concept Planning & Development, along with other details such as Business Plan Development, Architecture & Interior Design, Interior Styling, among many others. They are located in New York City, however, you can also find their services in London as well as in the Middle East.


cenk fikri best design projects new york




cenk fikri best interior design projects

Cenk Fikri services have the goal of delivering memorable environments, enhancing profitability and reducing any risk in the matter. Aside from the aforementioned interior design services, they can also provide essential elements such as interiors to menus, lighting to uniforms, marketing materials, public relations, and even staff training and recruitment processes.


cenk fikri best hospitality design new york

The CEO, Cenk Fikri, has over 20 years of expertise fed by his love for the culture of entertainment. The best element that defines his and his company’s take on design projects has to do with the fact that he doesn’t accept “average” as a norm. He and his team of interior designers manage to provide comprehensive and quality services for any type of company or existing business.


cenk fikri best interior design new york

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