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Richard Mishaan: a New York Interior Design Leader

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Richard Mishaan is one of the interior design leaders in New York City. For 25 years, his design company has been revolutionizing every interior, from residential, hospitality to commercial settings. Selected many times as AD 100 and Elle Décor A-List, we are about to show you a few of his impressive designs!



richard mishaan best interior design projects in new york

Meet Richard Mishaan, a world leader when it comes to interior design, due to its timeless and artistic interiors, within residential, hospitality and commercial projects. For the past 25 years, the interior designer has been gracing us with unbelievable interiors. To achieve this kind of success, Richard Mishaan does it with the love he feels for the industry.



richard mishaan interior design projects new york city

Richard Mishaan said “My work is that it has forced me to learn. I learn by doing research, by traveling and just by interacting with the people I need to work with. I studied Architecture because of my love of history and geography. My job brings those things into focus daily. The entire design process requires you to draw inspiration from somewhere, I usually find it in history and cultures from varied geographic regions”. Through that massive and continuous learning, he became one of the best interior designers.



richard mishaan interior design best projects new york

To get to the place where Richard Mishaan stands today, he had to overcome many challenges throughout his career as an interior design, in the context of his design firm. “There have been many challenging times in my career. They say that when things seem to look like the path has narrowed, the only way out is to go all the way through. It’s supposed to be funny but it makes sense. I think that my not measuring myself up to others and keeping my eye on the job has kept me focused on the important aspect of what needs to get done”. By saying this, the designer establishes a focus of looking ahead, and giving it your best, without comparing it to others.





best design projects richard mishaan

Recognized as AD 100, as well as Elle Décor A-List, Richard Mishaan says that he has not yet “achieved everything I want in life, I am not even close to doing so. I am however grateful that I have been able to do as much work as I have. I have designed projects for Residential, Commercial (stores and restaurants) and hospitality clients (hotels). I have run a retail shop that was part shop part gallery that sold collectible furniture and objects. I first showed the work of designers such as Herve Vander Straten, Olivier Gagnere, Eric Schmidt, Christophe Delcourt, Thomas Boog to name a few. I had shown by Archimide Seguso, Tony Duquette and Hutton Wilkinson, photography by Francesco Scavullo, Roxanne Lowitt and more. I design lighting, furniture, textiles and accessories. I have had a far-reaching career. What dreams are still in the cloud? There are too many to mention”. Although he has been developing many exciting projects, he has yet to fulfill many dreams, that he’ll easily succeed.



interior design projects new york city richard mishaan

Richard Mishaan’s Design firm has featured the most innovative and stunning residential, hotel and retail projects. “What makes me filled professionally is when my clients look around their homes and tell me that they love everything about it. That they are pleased brings me joy. I also get the same feeling when I look in a magazine or on Pinterest and see others drawing inspiration from my work or having used my furniture or lighting in their work. I also love interacting with craftsmen and artisans. That really is fulfilling”. In order to feel professionally fulfilled, he loves the feeling of the positive feedback of his clients when they admire the amazing interior design projects that are created.



interior design projects best richard mishaan new york

Richard Mishaan had many projects published in major magazines and newspapers, that transmits every stunning element. With that dedication, he aims “that the readers have loved the projects as much as I have. It’s funny to think about this as I don’t ever really look for feedback. If someone compliments me that’s great. I am loving social media in that I get to show my point of view on art, architecture, food, design and lifestyle by photographing things and putting them online. Books are also another way to have gotten my message out there”.


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richard mishaan residencial best interior design projects

As an actual and hottest trend, Richard Mishaan thinks that sustainability is the way to go, along with the establishment of a Zen environment. As far as craftsmanship goes, the designer thinks that “many artisanal crafts emerging now. I love Stephen Cantonson’s plasterwork. I like Peter Lane’s porcelain. I am Colombian and love the wicker and the baskets from different regions. I love textiles from all around the world”.



interior design projects new york richard mishaan

Through this rich conversation, it is possible to see that the interior designer is focused on preserving the artisanal and craftsmanship method into this industry, as well to produce eco-friendly products and projects. Richard Mishaan has an interest in interior design at heart, and that is the best thing to ask for an experienced interior designer.

©All images belong to Richard Mishaan




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