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What You Need to Know about New York Fashion Week 2018

Do you know what August means? New York Fashion Week is just around the corner! Get to know everything you can be expecting!


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Fashion is always changing, and fashion week is always changing, as well. Fashion is built on change. It’s the “out with the old, in with the new.”

What You Need to Know about New York Fashion

New York Fashion Week takes on the world of fashion on September 6th and is one of the most awaited moments in the industry. Designers such as Tom Ford and Oscar de la Renta show off their most beautiful and out of the box ideas to set new trends in the fashion world. This is also launching point for the colors we will all be wearing next year.

What You Need to Know about New York Fashion Week 2018

2018 Spring Season will be shaped by the fabrics and textiles that these runway models will be wearing. Anxious to find out? So are we!

What You Need to Know about New York Fashion Week 2018

The Spring 2018 season of New York Fashion Week begins Thursday, September 7 and runs until Wednesday, September 13. As usual, we’re looking forward to previewing a bunch of designers’ new collections, from PH5 to Lela Rose to Sies Marjan to Taoray Wang: really just way too many to include here.

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What are your favorite decorating ideas? Let us know, we are curious! For more modern interior design inspiration and decorating tips, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest account

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