American Fifth Avenue Design: The urban sophistication of NYC

American Fifth Avenue Design is inspired by the excitement and urban sophistication of New York City5th Avenue Designs offers authentic American wallpapers created and manufactured by the oldest and best-known wallpaper manufacturer in the United States: York Wall Coverings. Let’s discover more!

America’s oldest and largest wallpaper manufacturer, York Wall Coverings has been making wallcoverings since 1895 in its original location in Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna Valley.

York Wallcoverings has been beautifying homes around the world for over 100 years, and the expertise and old world craftsmanship – handed down from generation to generation – is still evident in every roll produced.


The company continues to thrive and grow as an American manufacturer creating some of the world’s favorite wallcovering brands.

Elite, Elegant, Extraordinary Wallpapers

Created & Crafted in USA

Each Design Starting as an Original Artwork

Age-Old Printing Techniques For Unrivalled Authenticity

Beautifying Homes Around the World for Over 100 Years

The extraordinary beauty of 5th Avenue Designs is demonstrated by its finished product, it begins its artistic journey in the award-winning studio of York Wallcoverings, with every design starting as original artwork.

© American Fifth Avenue Design


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