Colourful pieces to brighten your living room

Sometimes, when you take a close look at your living room, don’t you have that feeling to spice things up a bit!

Choose a Color Scheme
Trying to decide on the right color scheme for a room or an entire home can be difficult. You can simplify the process by using your color wheel and narrowing down your choices to two color schemes. There are more, of course, but these are the most effective and provide a great place to start. Like Elle Decor and New York Spaces used to tell, you always need to have that ‘wow! factor’ piece, the one that your guests will fall in love with!

Well, I did my homework, and today, I suggest you some ideas to make your place more happier and full of life.


Asitrade – Wardrobe M318

Armario M138 - Asitrade

19 Greek Street – Slice Chaise Longue19 Greek Street Slice Chaise Longue

KOKET – Nessa Chair


Bôite à Lumiére


Boca do Lobo – Monochrome Console


KOKET – Envy Chaise Longue



Hamilton Conte – Vania Chair


hamilton conte vania chair

BoConcept – Leather Puff


Karim Rashid – Snoop and Woopy





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