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Trendy Living Room Accessories

Accessories make everything better, right? When it comes to your home decor, it’s no different. Today, we present you a list of trendy living room accessories that will lead to expressive ambiances, stylish settings, and poetic interiors. Make your living room a collection of things you love – it’s that simple.


Nº1 Cushion

The Nº1 cushion translates into elegant shapes in velvet, hand embroidery, natural silk and dazzling jacquards with imaginative decoration. It’s a stunning piece that relies on nothing but the finest craftsmanship and an impressive contemporary aesthetic. All in all, this is a piece of art with a timeless soul.

Naif Green Wallcovering

Naif Green is a true oasis of comfort and design when it comes to modern wallcoverings. A floral pattern composes this accessory that is bound to be a breath of fresh air in your home decor. Summer is here and it asks for fresh colors and vivid details!

Miranda Table Lamp

Miranda is a fanciful and gold-colored pineapple table lamp. Formed in the shape of a pineapple, a classic symbol in decorative arts and architecture, it also means welcome and hospitality. Finished in gold-plated brass, it is named after Carmen Miranda, as she used to wear colorful and tropical fruits on her head.

Enz Rug

The Enz River runs through the northern Black Forest in Germany which is considered to have the most attractive landscapes for nature lovers, ramblers and mountain bikers. The Enz rug is made in hand-tufted Tencel and was inspired by the breathtaking richness of the Black Forest and its natural resources. It can be tailored to any shape, size, and color.

Times Goes By Clock

When is a piece of design a piece of art? Is ‘design-art’ a convenient terminology to describe this new orientation in design which highlights unique design objects with a whiff of functionalism? Is design-art a new trend? Resulting works like Time Goes By are a blend of enchanting fantasy and potent reality.

Equator Bar

Ideal for exclusive interiors, this exclusive piece of furniture can also be placed in any living or dining room, giving it an elegant style and providing a journey of pure comfort and relaxation. The Equator bar is made of polished brass, manually hammered. The surface of the bottom head’s base is made from black lacquered glass.

Mandala Blue Pillow

This classic pillow was inspired by mandalas’ drawings. Mandalas are used as instruments of concentration and to achieve higher states of meditation, especially in Tibet and Japanese Buddhism. For a long time ago, the mandala was used as an artistic and religious expression through rock paintings – now it can be part of your living room too!

Koi Screen

The Koi screen, an out of the box design, shines and reflects the sun on its brass surface. Koi is the Japanese word for love and affection, making the carp also a symbol of friendship which will be conveyed into modern home decor. This is curated design at its finest.


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