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Town Hall Hotel – Famous Art Deco Hotel

The Town Hall Hotel opened in 1910 and has been since then a mark of hospitality design in London. The luxurious Edwardian Art-Deco made this hotel a famous film location, and has been the scenario for the recent films “Atonement”, “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, “Snatch” and “Edge of Love”.

Pevsener, the architectural bible of Britain, declared this hotel a mark, with a subtle but expensive decoration.

From the hall to the rooms, passing by the bar, the restaurant and the meeting rooms, every single detail is thought in this hotel to give you a vintage slash modern experience in The Town Hall. All the employees of this establishement are very proud of the interiors of the hotel.


lobby, bethnal green town hall, london.

Mandatory Credit

bethnal green town hall, london.

london-design-agenda-town-hall-room  london-design-agenda-town-hall-room-2   bethnal green town hall, london. bethnal green town hall, london.


The Town Hall

Patriot Square, Bethnal Green

E2 9NF, London


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