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A Curated Selection Of Interior Designers From New York

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New York is the home to Pratt, Parsons, and a number of other top design schools and has a storied history of interior design. Today we bring you a curated selection of interior designers from New York that make the busiest city in the world an important landmark in the world of interior design. Enjoy it!


#1 – Accentuations By Design

curated selecton of interior designers new york

A New York furniture icon for two generations, Accentuations by Design has evolved with the times while maintaining its origins of elevated interiors. Offering comprehensive design services and custom high-end furniture options, the firm looks for coveted options ranging from premium designers to exclusive designs.


#2 – Anastasios Interiors

curated selection of interior designers from new york

Anastasios Interiors is a full-service interior design firm based in New York City. Founded by Anastasios Gliatis, Anastasios Interiors provides a superior design experience to discerning clients who have an appreciation for high-class design and style. The firm works with commercial and residential projects, offering luxurious designs to its customers. With a background in Architecture and extensive experience in interior design, Gliatis creates luxurious spaces for his clients that combine immaculately detailed aesthetics with impeccable form and function.


#3 – Andrew Suvalsky Designs

curated selection of interior designers new york andrew suvalsky

Andrew Suvalsky Designs style – clean, fresh and intimate – reveals the authenticity within the beautiful. For Andrew, each project is an opportunity to create something completely unique and totally livable for his clients, inspired by their dreams.




#4 – Bentel & Bentel

curated selection of interior designers from new york

Since its founding in 1957, Bentel & Bentel, Architects/Planners AIA has acquired a reputation for superior contemporary design.  Their work is consistently bold,  modern, creative and beautifully resolved.  It spans a wide range of building types and scales, from urban environments to refined interiors and furnishings. Bentel & Bentel draw inspiration from the local history, regional styles, prevailing building methods, environmental conditions and the nearby landscape or urban context.  In the end, what they seek is an unprecedented design that redefines rather than reproduces prevailing conventions.


#5 – Capital C Interiors

curated selection of interior designers from new york

Capital C Interiors principal, Juan Carretero has been in business in the USA for over 10 years holding credentials in Architecture, Interior Design and Real Estate Project Management. The firm has worked in different countries and cultures and these experiences have given Capital C Interiors a deep appreciation for local craftsmanship and tradition.


#6 – Cenk Fikri

curated selection of interior designers from new york cenk fikri

Headquartered in New York, Cenk Fikri Inc. is a full-service hospitality design & consultancy studio. The owner, Cenk Fikri, has an absolute passion for hospitality projects with all the boldest characteristics you can imagine. He can produce that New York feeling of entertaining culture and finest extravagance in every project, and the major part of the projects are customized which means that you’ll always have a uniqueness in every detail.


#7 – David Scott Interiors

curated selection of interior designers from new york david scott

David Scott Interiors is a New York multidisciplinary team of designers and architects specializing in sensitively conceived interiors where innovative architecture, luxurious furnishings and emerging art and craft harmoniously coexist. David established the firm with a belief that interiors should reflect the style and personality of its owner, not simply its designer. It is this collaborative approach that has become a signature of David Scott Interiors’ distinguished style.




#8 – DDC Minotti – NY

curated selection of interior designers in new york ddc minotti new york

DDC NYC (Domus Design Collection) is a luxurious, contemporary furniture shop filled with pieces to swoon over. DDC showcases over a hundred designers, mostly European imports. It is claimed to be a designer’s paradise and one of New York’s shopping secrets.


#9 – Elias Associates

curated selection of interior designers of new york elias interiors

Elias Associates is an interior and architectural design services firm that aspire to achieve timelessness in all of their work — the juxtaposition of lifestyle and aesthetic, where each project has its own vibrant spirit reflecting the occupant’s personality and taste. The New York-based firm works collaboratively with its clients in all aspects of project management, listens to their needs and selects the right design elements to create a dynamic connection that is both lasting and continually surprising.


#10 – Gachot Studios

curated selection of interior designers in new york gachot

Interior designers John and Christine Gachot created the New York-based firm, Gachot Studios, in 2012. The couple is an expert, not only in interior design, but also in real estate and art direction. They seek to create a refined aesthetic with a strong sense of place. Their values lay in elegance and simplicity with special attention to detail.


#11 – Ike Kligerman Barkley

curated selection of interior designers from new york iker kligerman barkley

Ike Kligerman Barkley is a New York-based firm known for distinctive design rooted in tradition but modern in its sculptural forms, taught detailing, glass expanses, and often a touch of whimsy. Their architecture and interior departments work collectively or independently with outside partners. The firm collaborates with its clients, craftsmen and colleagues to produce personalized living environments as well as the occasional public building that receives the same level of intimate detail.


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#12 – Ingrao Inc.

curated interior designers from new york ingrao

Anthony Ingrao and Randy Kemper are the principals of Ingrao Inc., an internationally recognized design and architecture firm focused on both residential and commercial projects. The company, established in 1982, is comprised of 36 interior designers and architects, and is based in New York City.


#13 – Level Decorations, Inc. – Artemide

curated selection of interior designers from new york artemide

Artemide ranks as one of the world’s most prestigious contemporary lighting manufacturers. Founded in 1959 by Ernesto Gismondi in Milan, Artemide offers a wide selection of residential and contract lighting options that meet the needs of all lifestyles. The first North American branch was opened in 1980 in Manhattan.


#14 – Mark Zeff

curated selection of interior designers from new york mark zeff

Mark Zeff is an international, full-service, design-consulting firm based in New York City. The firm’s unique offering of environmental design, interior design and branding has proven essential for the commercial realm, including the Hotel, Restaurant, Casino, Spa and Retail industries.


#15 – Meyer Davis Studio

curated interior designers from new york meyer davis

Meyer Davis is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in New York and founded by Will Meyer and Gray Davis. The award-winning firm has established itself at the forefront of high-end commercial and residential design practices throughout the U.S. and abroad, through its work on private residences, hotels, restaurants, retail experiences, and workplace environments.


©All images belong to the designers.




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