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David Scott Interiors is a New York-based firm with a multidisciplinary team of designers and architects specialized in sensitively conceived interiors where innovative architecture, luxurious furnishings and emerging art and craft harmoniously coexist. Today we are going to show you some of the best interior design projects of David Scott Interiors!



david scott best projects nyc

David Scott established David Scott Interiors with the belief that interiors should reflect the style and personality of its owner, not simply its designer. It is this collaborative approach that has become a signature of David Scott Interiors distinguished style. The natural connection a client has with their home that drives each design resulting in a portfolio of highly personal environments.


East Hampton

david scott best interior design projects nyc

David Scott has almost thirty years of experience and created diverse and artful designs in an array of styles for clients in New York City, The Hamptons, Miami, Palm Beach and beyond. For David Scott Interiors, each project is a passionate journey and each client is invited to join a collaborative process of creative discovery.


Sag Harbor

david scott interiors projects nyc design

David Scott Interiors are visually stimulating, yet extremely functional. David Scott gracefully melds the timeless elegance of the past with today’s modern aesthetic.  He is an expert in redefining luxury interior design and each project reflects his always curious discerning eye and the amazing service delivered by his studio.


Covet Awards Submit


Surf Club

david scott interiors nyc projects

David Scott’s work has been published in numerous publications, including some of the most known magazines, newspapers and websites. His projects were mentioned at Architectural Digest, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, World of Interiors, House Beautiful and Interior Design and more.


East Side Tower

david scott interiors nyc best projects

David Scott also published a book, published by Pointed Leaf Press: David Scott: Outside the Box, An Interior Designer’s Innovative Approach to Creating Chic and Comfortable Rooms, and is a behind-the-scenes look at eleven residential projects.


Madison Square Park

david scott best interior design projects nyc

David Scott is also an alum of the New York School of Interior Design. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees for NYSID and Kip’s Bay Boys & Girls Club. A resident of both Manhattan and Sag Harbor, his homes celebrate a mix of vintage and modern furnishings and an ever-expanding collection of contemporary art.


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