The Latest Art Sensation in New York City

New Yorkers have been facing an endless and rigorous winter and its accompanying bone-chilling temperatures may be forgiven for finding a bright spot wherever possible—even on the traffic-clogged corner of Bowery and Houston Streets.

These days New York needed color and enthusiasm. And here’s the moment Maya Hayuk enters this post, with his amazing skills and colorful vision!


The Brooklyn-based artist Maya Hayuk has created a mixing color-saturated mural using her signature cross-hatch geometric strokes. The latest in a stellar lineup of artists commissioned to make their mark on the wall that serves as revolving public gallery space, Hayuk gamely braved the arctic chill to give New Yorkers a much-needed dose of visual energy—and a welcome antidote to the winter blues. Color always makes an iron city warmer and much kinder.





Do you like this type of art-expression? Tell us your toughts!

by: NY Design Agenda

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