Preview day at High Point Market Fall 2015

During our first day at High Point Market we at Deco New York picked out a few names we really wanted to visit – needless to say that we were not disappointed!

The whole center of the city was blocked due to the event but the day was quite calm being the preview, still a lot of the stand were being put up, as well as the fact that the visitors haven’t all arrived yet.

As said previously, we were not disappointed with the names we set ourselves to see and here are the results:

Callisto Home – Suites at Maket Square 1009

This NJ based company whose emphasis on detailed and textured textiles provides designers and home stores with elegant products to fit comfortably with today’s design trends. Even though their stand was not completely finished, we could still have a pretty good idea of their amazing projects. Here is a highlight:

Preview day at High Point Market Fall 2015 9

Demorais International – International Hall 409

The exclusive portfolio of brands found within DeMorais International are distinctive in their style as they are in their allure. The brands they represent are synonymous with design, nobility, craftsmanship, and excellence. DeMorais International is showcasing the following luxury brands: Brabbu, Boca do Lobo, Delightfull, Miyabi Casa, Alex Turco, MyFace, Maison Valentina, Sigma L2 and KOKET.

You simply cannot miss that amazing Heritage sideboard at the entrance!

Preview day at High Point Market Fall 2015 10


Emporium Home – International Home 102

Born out of inspiration and driven by creativity, was founded on the premise that we all deserve beauty in our lives, in our spaces and in the things we live with everyday. With a well located corner you simply cannot miss their dashing designs.

Preview day at High Point Market Fall 2015 2


Fortunata – Suites at Market Square Mezzanine 7034

Inspired in the italian word for “luck”, this is a company dedicated to offering the finest quality ceramics, handcrafted for over a decade by skilled artisans using a secret and time honored process. Each Fortunata piece captures the tradition and charm of the ancient Tuscan workshops where the ceramics are skillfully hand thrown using a unique mixture of select clays. Margaret, the chief ambassador of the brand, is a really nice lady, so be sure to stop by and check their awesomeness!


John Strauss Furniture – Suites at Market Square Ground 7025

John Strauss has over twenty five years of experience creating and manufacturing furniture for designers and architects – and once you walk in their stand you can really tell the result of this experience. Nice clean designs with amazing ambiences!

Preview day at High Point Market Fall 2015 4


Michael Aram – International Hall 207

Michael Aram is an American born artist who works primarily in metal. Walk in to his stand and feel the “wow”. Trying to steer away from their original oxydized finish, you’ll find a lot of pieces – all very well arranged and in sintony – with gold, metal, and nickel plating. Not to miss!

Preview day at High Point Market Fall 2015 3

What about you? Leave your tips in the comment section!

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