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Concept store “Camper” in New York

Today I want to share with you, one very original store, which is located on 5th avenue, in the fashion centre in NYC. Nevertheless the shoes brand Camper is famous for its comfortable and high quality shoes, but also this store is different from others, because of its original interior design, which very developed by Japanese interior designer and architect Oki Sato.


“An original concept for Camper’s larger shops, following on our concept of ‘shoes that walk freely through the air’ developed for Camper’s small-scale shops in cities like Osaka, Paris, San Francisco and Moscow.”camper_2nd_sketch“The design concept for the large shops had faced a consistent challenge: in a high-ceilinged space, to use the upper part of a space with high ceilings”  camper_NY08_daici_ano“The new approach on Nendo was to make white resin models of the Pelotas shoe, a Camper stalwart, then to fully decorate walls with them, adding volume to the space as well as the orderly atmosphere of a storeroom.”camper_NY15_daici_ano camper_NY18_daici_ano“The shoes catch light pouring through the windows to cast shadows on the walls, giving the space a three-dimensional texture.” camper_NY031Nendo created a shop interior with two types of shoes: products and interior materials.” camper_NY22_daici_ano camper_NY011

Location: 522 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10036, USA

source: Nendo

photos: Camper / Daici Ano

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