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How to Decorate with Bar Stools

Having a bar at home is a very pleasant idea, especially if you like receiving guests and throw parties. Bar stools are part of any counter bar, and so you should decorate your living room home with beautiful living room chairs and barstools.


How to Decorate with Bar Stools-Nº 20 Bar Stool by BRABBU

If you are thinking about decorating your home with a bar chair, remember to choose one with armrests like Nº20 barstools. Symbol of knowledge and rebirth, Nº20 modern barstools were raised through a long journey of a total set of 24 prototypes intended to reinterpret the forces of nature. Nº20 distinguish themselves for their attitude represented in their fabric, a beautiful and standing out velvet, and their structure that embraces us with strength and determination, like Mother Nature.


How to Decorate with Bar Stools-Malay Bar Stool by BRABBU

Give some attention to the chair’s back. A comfortable chair needs to have a high back like Malay barstools. Malay Archipelago is located between the Southeastern of Asia and Australia, and in order to project a modern home décor, capable of whispering the stories of diverse cultures such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore, Brabbu created this beautiful velvet chair.

How to Decorate with Bar Stools- Kelly Bar Chair by Essential Home

Swivel chairs are also good options. Essential Home has these swivel chair for living room, whose will fit perfectly in any modern interior design.

How to Decorate with Bar Stools-The Masters Bar Chair

If you are looking for a black chair, try these Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet’s barstools.  The Masters bar chair (2010) weaves together the back silhouettes of Jacobsen’s Series 7™ Chair, the Eameses’ Molded Shell Chair and Saarinen’s Tulip™ Armchair to create something entirely new. Lightweight and durable, the Masters Counter Stool has a wide, roomy seat, with a backrest that allows you to feel supported on a historic level as it echoes the lines of the very first ergonomic innovators.

How to Decorate with Bar Stools- BarStool New YorkBarstools at East Pole, New York.

Which one is your favorite? We would love to know your opinion!

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