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Interior Design ideas: Decorating Lofts

Lofts are meant to be huge spaces filled with artefacts, ideas, and the vision of a liberal soul who understands the concepts of living in the here and now, but somehow grasping the beyond and expressing it through their living space.

That’s the essence of this avant-garde domicile. It is a nonconformist home that is more akin to the Wizard of Oz meets Starwars or Mel Gibson’s Beyond the Thunderdome, than the conventional comfy style homes you usually set eyes on.

The effort to transform this loft into one spacious, lucid home is mind-boggling, yet it all makes sense. There is a unity flowing through the entire area giving it everything a home could desire, but in an abstract manner. For example, the exposed concrete and brick walls, concrete floor, and wooden ceiling beams are both industrial and homey. Natural materials like twigs and grasses are embedded in resin to create a divider that appears eco-friendly and remote simultaneously.

One sitting space is merged with large windows and picturesque views, while salvaged wood from an old barn is used to add a touch of “realness.” Other parts of the home include influences from Japanese aesthetics. One term used is “wabi-sabi” which means imperfect, incomplete, unfinished. It fits the décor of this loft perfectly. The design is realized purposely but without conceit.

Spaces that were previously eating areas were converted into study areas, burlap feed bags beautifully take the place of wallpaper, floors are made from cedar, barn doors are used to create private areas, and a Japanese cedar bathtub produces an extraordinary climate in the bathroom with pebbled walls, and grotesque fittings substituting for standard fixtures.

The space is ambiguous to say the least. There are tints of deep rich colors and splendid textures, yet the colors are hidden behind various metals, concrete, and vintage objects.

In one industrialized bedroom, steel diamond plates are used as flooring and takes the eye up the wall, while sugar pine used from an abandoned mill together with a copper wall consummates the environ.

To soften the look and feel of the décor, Moroccan lamps radiate a delicate light onto the ceiling. Custom cabinets beneath the windows are made from salvaged wood. Additional wood tinted with milk paint creates a distinctive fireplace mantel.

Various oddities and curios make this loft space impossible to pin to one era. One line that flows through the entire space, but it never ends. The magnificence that exudes from every corner of space in this home cannot be replicated. It’s a “one-time” deal, and that’s what makes it so resplendent. It flourishes with inimitability, rareness, and eccentricity, but at the same time, the doors are open for exploration and subsistence.

Interior Design ideas: Decorating Lofts David-Karp_living(1) Loft-bed-bunk-mezzanine-bedroom(1)outdoor-loft-space(1)


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