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BBC Worldwide Americas By Perkins Eastman, New York

Perkins Eastman is among the top architecture and design firms in the world. The firm prides itself on progressive and inventive design that meets client goals and enhances the human experience. That’s why I want to share with you one of the best their project new office for  BBC Worldwide Americas in New Yorkoffice_bbc_worldwide_americas_new_york_7

New headquarters for BBC Worldwide Americas in New York occupies an area of about 3,715 sq. m  and its interior reflects the organizational principles and internal culture of the company. Office space is represented by free work areas and multiple meeting rooms, both informal and classic. But the main thing is that there no closed private offices. office_bbc_worldwide_americas_new_york_6 office_bbc_worldwide_americas_new_york_5 office_bbc_worldwide_americas_new_york_4 office_bbc_worldwide_americas_new_york_3 office_bbc_worldwide_americas_new_york_2

photos: Chris Cooper Photographer

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