Design Trend: Metallic Black Matte

The cold yet warm atmosphere of metallics is one powerful design trend for this year. Add black matte tones to the mix and, suddenly, a timeless ambiance is achieved – you can almost feel the texture with your eyes. Let’s have a look!


If you wish to make a bold statement on your home decor, then Metallic Black Matte might be the right option in 2019. The trick lies in the combination between metallic elements and matte details, by adding a sophisticated character and creating a certain perception game through the different visual layers. Unique!

You can find matte finishes in wallsfurniturefixtureslightingceramics and so on – the same happens with metallics. Whether you like it simple or conceptual, abstract or elementary, clear or textured, Metallic Black Matte will surely bring a minimalist yet dynamic feel to your living space. As you can see, interior design can be majestic and delicate at the same time.

Black is the color of mystery, independence, and solemnity – contemporary design always seeks to strike the perfect balance between different ideas and contrasting moods. Considering this, it’s now up to you to tell the rest of the story by using exquisite metallics and enticing mattes all over. Stay tuned for more design trends!


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