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The Most Stunning Interior Design Projects by Peter Marino

The DecoNY decided to bring you today The Most Stunning Interior Design Projects by Peter Marino. Peter Marino, the leather-bedecked maestro, doesn’t need any presentations. In 1978 he founder Peter Marino Architect PLLC in New York City and became internationally known in the fields of architecture, planning and design. Marino’s notable and stunning interiors can be seen in different luxury boutiques of some elite brands and exclusive residences.

stunning interior design

The luxury Chanel boutique in NYC suffered an extensive renovation and was expanded from a single one to a three floor luxury emporium. Exquisitely decorated this architectural design has clean lines that give more storage space. Amazing work worth of one of the top interior designers.

stunning interior design

Living room architectural design. The fireplace in between the bookshelf makes the perfect statement in this modern room. The pastel sofas contrast beautifully with the purple details and, of course, highlighting the contemporary painting.

Showing perfectly the designer signature style, Dior Maison, in the UK, has one of the most actual luxurious interior design styles. The light colors confer more brightness to the store that enables the clothing and accessories pieces to stand out but at the same time to match with the beautiful furniture pieces chosen. This store combines the best of Dior and Marino style.

Luxurious and classy were the mottos for this Louis Vuitton Store decoration. Peter Marino designs transcend completely: “Each piece of jewellery tells a story, so the décor should be self-effacing and allow room for dialogue and the visitor’s dreams.”


Such a stunning interior design. Modern but at the same time classy. The furry ottomans contrast beautifully with the huge fireplace.

Such stunning interior design that combines luxurious golden mirrors with the brown console tables just by the wall. Of course, the stunning set of dishes involve us to a perfect dinner. Peter Marino can always channel the true classic architectural design.

Ty Warner Penthouse Suite at the Four Seasons, New York City. The luxurious wooden walls are definitely the statement piece that makes this room design stand out beautifully. Channeling classic style the piano contrasts with the bookshelves and the central painting. Such a stunning interior design to inspire interior design lovers.

The traditional home design embraces classic looks, furnishings and colors that refer to an amalgamation of several traditional styles from around the world in a single space. The leather-bedecked maestro masters the junction of colors and patterns amazingly and turned this classy living room into a stunning interior. 

The one and only leather-clad, motorcycling architect and designer, decorated this modern living room for an art-collecting couple of NY Upper East Side. The stunning interior design stands out by matching beautifully the classic nude furniture pieces with the colorful wall behind.

Peter Marino’s most important aesthetic motivation may be his claustrophobia. So, his first mission with any space is to open it up and access all available natural light. This stunning interior design stands out by the amazing color and style coordination. All the elements complement each other perfectly – from the three framed painting to the dark wood consoles to the different pattern and colors in the sofas.

If Marino’s personal style is specific and indelible, his architecture and interiors are much harder to pin down. Inside a Marino space, it’s all smooth-moving luxury, full of eclectic collections of art such as this architectural bathroom design. It portrays the true “Marino-ness” with exquisitely chosen golden details with flower center piece matching the modern floor pattern.



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