Top Hospitality Projects by Tony Chi & Associates

Tony Chi & Associates strive for design with poetry. They strive for the beauty and power of poetry and its ability to evoke greatness, grandeur, and depth with deft placement of a few carefully chosen words.


Over the years, Tony Chi & Associates have relentlessly pursued perfection – the art of making less, more than enough. They engage sensory perception to raise inherent consciousness. Tony Chi calls it “invisible design” and explains it as, “what touches you rather than what you see.” It is an ambiance crafted by meticulously composed and orchestrated subtleties rather than an obvious approach.

With their design, there is always a current, an energy that flows beneath the surface of things. They draw on nature and culture, mind and matter, appearance and reality to make their design momentarily and permanently relevant.

Look at some amazing projects in the hotel business:

Grand Hyatt Hotel in TaipeiGrand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei

Mandarin Hotel in GuangzhouMandarin Hotel in Guangzhou

Intercontinental Hotel in GenevaIntercontinental Hotel in Geneva

According to Tony Chi “Hospitality is a tradition, an experience, a form of communication found in all cultures and sacred traditions. It is inherent within our character abiding within each of ourselves and is expressed wherever and whenever human beings interact. Hospitality is not exclusive to a particular time and place. It creates the most unforgettable memories formed by the most extraordinary and the most ordinary moments of our lives. Creating the ultimate hospitality experience is an art that requires passion.”

Park Hyatt Hotel in ShanghaiPark Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai

Park Hyatt Hotel in Washington DCPark Hyatt Hotel in Washington DC

Rosewood London Hotel - LobbyRosewood Mirror Room in London


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