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How BRABBU became a Distinguished Brand? The answer is fierceness!

BRABBU released the first episode of a series that will illustrate the beginning of modern interior design and what our brand is all about.

There will be an episode for each department, from design to production to sales because there is a lot more to this design brand than the finished product you see on our website

There is a big team behind who idealizes a new piece, who transforms it into reality and who takes it to you. As the Portuguese brand has a fierce personality, they asked each department what fierceness means to them. Let’s start with the design department, where everything starts.

The Beginning Of Modern Interior Design BRABBU

The Beginning Of Modern Interior Design

The Beginning Of Modern Interior Design

The Beginning Of Modern Interior Design

The Beginning Of Modern Interior Design

The design department was the chosen one for the first video. It features the head designer of the brand while he shares with us what fierceness means to him and his daily work. Let’s watch!

“Fierceness, for myself and the design team, signifies the greatest challenge of our department, because every day we must study new world cultures, their ways of living and the habits of all these different cultures within the planet Earth.

Koi is a fish from Japanese culture, that also adapts to different environments, and we try to bring that mythology to the piece, a centre table that fits well in any leisure or living room ambience, whether in a home decor or in a hospitality design project.”

What do you think about this first video? Let us know, we are curious! For more modern interior design inspiration and decorating ideas, don’t forget to visit our Pinterest.

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